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Discovery a magificant nature, people, art & bali culture. More 3 million 8 hundred populations in the island. Bali was a part of indonesian country. Almost 3500 tourists coming everyday.

So many hidden beautiful spot here bali island. We 'll help you arranging simple itinerary to explore our country. Get affordable & readonable tour with our friendly but professional services. We are & bali could be spoil your eyes make you feel peace of minds. Iam Nanang Kosim host of enjoybaliholidaytours proudly would like to escort & help all of you.

ST0P global warming seriously environmental issue. We invites all citizens to be good atitude enviromentally friendly. Clean healthy & green lifestyle. Free of polution plastic waste saving raw material. SAVE EARTH OUR PLANET ( nng 2018 )


Why Bali....?

Bali is the most famous island in Indonesia. It is an awesome place which holds spectacular combination of natural beauty and cultural landscape. Its Beauty blends in harmony with warm and friendly people. Here the culture continues to be preserved from generation to generation. This island is called Bali.

Bali is well known by many names; the island of gods, thousand-temples island, and the island of paradise. People call Bali ‘the island of paradise’ is not without reasons. Bali has outstanding natural beauty like a volcano that looks close and big; endless green paddy fields which give a sense of peace and tranquility; as well as the grains of Balinese beach sand and the beauty of the sea which are so mesmerizing. Bali also has dramatic dances, diverse customary ceremonies, the best traditional culinary, as well as beautiful and wholesome arts and crafts. 

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