Service & Price

The prices of all our services are reasonable and affordable

Transfer In/Out Service Rate ( Area Base on Denpasar/Airport)

Air Port fast track  facility services:

For our clients who come using airplanes We serve you with the V.I.P Airport Fasttrack Service facility,

Transportation Facility:

Private Car, Micro Bus, Medium bus, Big bus. With environmentally friendly transportation, Standard QC of exhaust

gas emissions,sound absorbers, Insurance protected, accredited.

Comparative Excellence​

The most sophisticated new machine in its class. Air Suspention Minimal Vibration, Hydraulic Brake, Safety Oreinted,

alarm warning system, extinguisher, belt. First aid, Confortable design, arm rest 1/1, AC ducting, Phone Charger,

Refrigerator, TV, Music, Wifi on reg, Dim lights, Audio System, wide baggage,

Private car driving service

Full service : guide/ driver fee petrol. Toll gate ticket parking.




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